Since 2000, we provide winter service in city of Ljubljana. We use two machines of Bobcat trademark for snow removal.

The smaller, Bobcat 553 is equipped with 180 cm wide plow and multifunctional loading scoop. The machine is wide only 125 cm, which enables easier mechanical snow clearing of inaccessible areas.

The bigger, Bobcat S175 is equipped with 240 cm wide plow and multifunctional loading scoop.

We offer services of snow clearing by 180 cm wide snowblower, along with simple snow removal on the side or direct snow hauling on dump trucks. The snow tiller’s capacity is up to 100t/h.

Renewals usually require whetting in cases where the surface needs to be prepared for an application of other materials. We also provide renewal wet whetting and polishing smaller surfaces.

diamondsawchainFull winter services
We provide a complete snow removal service, from precautionary salt spreading, manual and mechanical snow clearing from any surfaces, to snow hauling. Performing individual services is also possible (only salt spreading or only snow hauling).

The quality of our service makes everyone satisfied, especially our clients.



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