In our work, we use tools and machines manufactured by Gölz, Husqvarna CP and Flex. We perform crown diamond drilling through reinforced concrete, all types of stones and asphalt linings, with a diametar up to 400 mm and at different angles. The advantage of crown diamond drilling is a clean, precise and aesthetic cut, without straining the construction with unnecessary vibrations. The drilling is performed with an advanced water cooling system and extraction devices which involve practicaly no dust particles on the drilling site.

Renewals usually require whetting in cases where the surface needs to be prepared for an application of other materials. We also provide renewal wet whetting and polishing smaller surfaces.

diamondsawchainDiamond Blade chain saw cutting
We offer the possibility of cutting openings in structures with a diamond-blade chainsaw which ensures a smooth and flawless cut with the minimum aperture of 120 x 120 mm.



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